Voice-guided routes to promote local businesses, team building and sports center

Ridebot for business - a voice-guided navigation for outdoor sports and tours

Local Business - Attract new customer with outdoor tours around the shop

Sport for Team - Build a team spirit with sport challenges

Sport Center - Add new outdoor sports with tracks around the club

Edition and publication tool

Enrich user experience with outdoor routes around you

Create and publish routes to make them availabe on iPhone for navigation.

Record a trace with the app / Import one in the app

Add direction cue or custom cue

Save your routes to make them available on your Ridebot Page

Build a custom landing page

Drive trafic around your business/city with routes

Publish all your routes around your place on your Ridebot Page.

Your logo and a tagline

A short bio about you and the routes on the page

A list of your published routes

Pricing for all

Plans for all routes

Ridebot is free to use for public and open source routes.
Map together across the world with unlimited private routes with a paid plan.

    • Routes Edition Tool on iPhone
      Routes Publication Tool
      A dedicated landing page with all your routes
  • FREE
    All your routes will be open source and public
    • All the COMMUNITY plan
      Organization account
      Unlimited private routes for team member
  • Contact us
    Map the world with and for your team





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